Special weft straightener for carpets and technical textiles

  • Touchscreen operation on a Orthopac CRVMC-12 weft straightener

    Use of the touchscreen technology replaces a control unit with pushbuttons and switches (Picture by courtesy of Yasin Kaplan Carpet).

  • Straightening of carpets with the Orthopac CRVMC-12

    The Orthopac CRVMC-12 is the specialist for carpets and technical textiles (Picture by courtesy of Kartal Carpets)

When the going gets rough …

The Orthopac CRVMC is especially designed for high mechanical load. Thanks to reinforced components, it is ideal for processing very heavyweight and wide materials.

The arc of contact of the straightening rollers thereby depends on the desired straightening effect. With products without skews and bows, the straightening rollers are not enveloped unnecessarily.

When the straightening rollers engage with the product, the uniform contact of the straightening rollers with the product is ensured over the entire width. This becomes possible through our innovative and unique roller positioning drive.

Reinforced weft straightening by Mahlo

An Orthopac CRVMC is especially designed for high mechanical loads. In particular, the specially reinforced drive unit for roller positioning ensures perfect straightening even under the highest product tension loads.

The system also features a solid, reinforced frame design, reinforced roller bearings as well as larger diameters of bow and skew rollers scanner unit. Electronics, display and operating station, etc. correspond to the design of the Orthopac RVMC; all scanner heads are adjustable.

Versatile and rigid weft straightener

The system can process very low (carpet) but also very high product speeds up to 100 m/min (technical textiles). It is also available as manual unit. It can subsequently be retrofitted with a scanner (normal or hybrid) or a Patcontrol PCS pattern detection without problems.

Product highlights

  • Reinforced construction; large roller diameter
  • Suitable for tensional forces of up to 3 kN
  • Working widths up to 5400 mm possible

Customer benefits

  • Maintaining tight distortion tolerances
  • Avoiding complaints
  • Improved customer relationship

Area of application

  • Carpets
  • Technical Textiles
  • Large product widths
  • High product tension
  • Heavyweight material


  • CRMM Straightener: Manual straightening machine without optical scanning system and control


Orthopac CRVMC-12

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