Process control system for drying processes


Ecopac EMC-15

The process control for textile drying processes comes up with an ergonomic, userfriendly software and the simultaneous usage of up to three (same or different) sensors..

Optimizes drying

The Ecopac EMC uses the state of the art microprocessor technology to ensure product quality and optimise the energy balance for drying processes. The modular system for monitoring and controlling residual moisture, product temperature, dwell time and exhaust air humidity can be flexibly adapted to current production. Up to three of the same or different modules may be used as needed.

This increases quality while saving resources and energy. The modular design of the system allows its flexible adaptation to all applications. Both, standard requirements and highly customized demands are thus met.

Product highlights

  • A single system controls all essential drying-process parameters
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Easy to install

Customer benefits

  • Guaranteed quality finish
  • Optimum energy balance on drying processes

Eases challenges

Textile manufacturers and finishers fight with rising production and energy costs, declining profit margins, shorter production times as well as higher requirements on quality and flexibility. Cost-efficient and quality-focused textile outfitting thus becomes increasingly important. Sustained production and the trend to higher-quality, technically sophisticated textiles also play a major role.

The efficiency of the production plants can be drastically increased through suitable measuring and control technology from Mahlo. This means, at the same time, increased productivity with usually improved reproducible quality, optimised raw materials usage and work effort accompanied by clearly improved plant utilisation.

Regardless of the challenges of the textile industry – Mahlo has the right solutions ready. The broad range of applications for the textile industry by Mahlo is based on experience reaching back to the year 1945.

One stop solution

Improved product quality, saving of resources and energy as well as optimisation of the production processes in a single step: with the process control system Ecopac EMC from Mahlo.

Area of application

  • At the stenter frame
  • In textile converting
  • In textile finishing


The right tool for every application

Different intelligent sensors can be connected to the base unit via a bus connection.

Various process parameters can be measured, visualized, controlled and documented by means of special software packages, e.g. Printserver.

Opens internal link in current windowList of all sensors

Thermoset OMT
Surface temperature


Ecomat AML
Exhaust air humidity


Textometer RMS
Residual moisture


Permaset VMT
Dwell time

Patcontrol PCS-15


Ecopac EMC-15