Control of exhaust air humidity

  • Exhaust air moisture control

    The Optipac VMC process control uses the Ecomat AML exhaust air moisture module (ZS-12 probe) to adapt the heating energy to the actual demand by monitoring the vapour content of the exhaust air and controlling this factor through the fan speed or the exhaust air vent control.

  • Measurement of steam

    Much unused energy is wasted through the exhaust air during drying processes without appropriate control. The Ecomat AML optimises the heating energy required by monitoring charging of the exhaust air with water steam and controls this factor through the fan speed or the exhaust air vent control.

    Product highlights

    • Highly accurate measurements
    • Unaffected by carrier gases
    • Measures oxygen, water vapour and harmful gas proportion

    Customer benefits

    • Optimises energy balance
    • Saves energy
    • Increases process repeatability

    Saving energy

    Large amounts of hot air are used to permanently evaporate new water (humidity), thus transporting the resulting mixture of hot air and water vapour out of the dryer. This mixing ratio is very important for the economy of the entire drying process.

    The amount of water to be evaporated during any period of time depends on the product weight, incoming and residual moisture, product width and transport speed. A constant fan speed or exhaust air flap position is not economic. The exhaust air humidity needs to be constantly measured and the setting of the fan speed or exhaust air flap setting automatically regulated.

    Area of application

    • Textile finishing


    • Stand-alone sensor
    • Module of process control Optipac VMC-15


Humidity Sensor ZS