Checks airbag dimensions


Patcontrol PCS Airbag – Quality control for airbags

The PCS Airbag monitors airbags in terms of accuracy to size, soundness and completeness

Airbags have to be reliable

Modern production engineering demands high standards, extreme precision and reliability from suppliers to the car industry, particularly those from the safety-related sector.

Constant supervision of components is an indispensable prerequisite for perfect products. This applies in a particular way to the most diverse types of airbag used for safeguarding the driver and passengers seated in motor vehicles.

The Patcontrol PCS Airbag has satisfied these requirements most successfully, and has helped promote a greater degree of assurance for both the airbag manufacturers and, above all, the beneficiaries of an emergency release.

Product highlights

  • Stationary single measurement and on-line control possible
  • Single measurement in up to 5 seconds per airbag
  • The very latest high-tech line cameras

Customer benefits

  • Uninterrupted monitoring and logging of actual product quality
  • Precise pass / fail-evaluation
  • Significant increased productivity

Cutting-egde technology – simple operation

The assembly’s hardware comprises the very latest in components already well-proven over the years on other applications associated with Mahlo camera-technology:

  • Measuring table with mobile camera / lighting unit,
  • One or two line cameras,
  • Back and, or reflex lighting facility,
  • Control panel with evaluator, and
  • Control and display terminal

Visualization and control conform to the well-known standards of the latest generation systems. Software is subject to a continuous process of development.


  • On-line monitoring of airbags prior to separation from a continuous web. Measurement of the width of the web, pattern repeat, and the length and depth of the visible airbag contours.
  • Stationary check on a measuring table of the accuracy to size of the cut-out airbags with the aid of customer-specified, fixed test points, and thus an as sessment of the soundness of the individual airbags, are supplemented by measure ment of thickness.


Patcontrol PCS-12 Airbag