Sample cutting on-line – without having to stop the machine


Samplecut FSC-12 – Cut samples out of running fabric

The pneumatic circular blade cuts through the material in a fraction of a second

Compressed air blade

To monitor the progress of certain processes, there is no alternative but to take frequent samples at the machine itself.

This is normally possible only while the product is either moving slowly or stopped, and often results in complicated work-arounds to enable continual production (continuously running winders, etc.).

The Samplecut FSC is the solution to the problem. The tried and tested sample cutter Samplecut FSC takes samples from fast running product.

Product highlights

  • Sampling at maximum line-speeds
  • Robust, simple construction
  • Simplicity itself to operate

Customer benefits

  • Takes samples from online materials
  • No downtimes as a result of sampling
  • Increases productivity

On-line sampling without production stop

The Samplecut FSC can be installed for example at a convenient place at the delivery end of a stenter. The pneumatics work at high pressure and press the circular blade through the material and against a counter block, all in a fraction of a second.

The sample is punched out and fed via the sampling device to the operator end. The operator need only press a button to release the sample via the control panel.


Samplecut FSC-12