Industrial mechanic Tobias Hierl on his first weeks of training.


Industrial mechanic Tobias Hierl on his first weeks of training.

On 1 September, Tobias has started his apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic for machinery and plant engineering at our company. After three months, he has gained an impression of its future profession and already learned a lot.

Definitely craft!

It was always a given for me that I am going to learn a technical profession. Both my father and brother work and manufacture timber products, I wanted to do the same with metal. When our instructor Mr. Beil presented the apprenticeship as an industrial mechanics in the course of an orientation day, I was sure: this is it! The field of duty sounded pretty interesting. So I submitted my application to Mahlo and started here in September after finishing my ‘Mittlere Reife’.  

Let’s get started

In the training workshop, all of us apprentices were allowed to work hands-on right from the beginning. For example, we have learned to cut workpieces to size, file and mill them. You should therefore have a certain degree of skill if you decide to become an industrial mechanic. Equally important are commitment and stamina. Filing for a longer stretch is more exhausting than you might think. When milling, you have to really concentrate to get the desired outcome. But this is also what I really enjoy. That and of course the companionship with my colleagues. We are six first-year industrial trainees and we get all along really well. In addition to that, you can always ask the older apprentices for help. The same goes for our instructors. No matter if it is about praxis or study matter.

Setting goals

Of course I sometimes think about what I want to do after my apprenticeship. I definitely want to educate myself further. Mahlo offers several options here. Prerequisite for that is a successful training as well as a good degree from vocational school. So far, vocational school is very diverse, interesting and funny. I especially enjoy the subjects Maintenance, Components and Production Technology. You just know, you later will use what you have learned now. That’s probably why it is more interesting.

I for sure am looking forward to the coming years of my apprenticeship and am curious what will happen next.  

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