Anna Rauch is going to be a technical product designer

With the word designer, the first thing that usually comes to one’s mind is fashion. However, a machine or equipment parts also need the perfect look! That’s exactly what technical product designers are responsible for. Anna Rauch is almost a year into her training for this profession here at Mahlo. We asked her, what an apprentice has to expect.

Anna, why did you choose this apprenticeship?

I already had technical drawing in school and liked it. In addition to that, I had to chance to watch a technical product designer at work and therefore got an impression what you have to do in this job.

The tasks of a technical product designer include drawing equipment parts with 3D software or design installation plans. Which prerequisites should one have?

It helps if you have a good spatial imagination and like to work with CAD – which means computer-aided design – programs. Stamina is also very important, when something does not work out the first time. And that’s the case more often than not in the beginning.

At Mahlo, technical and industrial trainees begin their basic training together. What did you have to do during that time?

During basic training, like the mechatronics engineers, electricians and mechanics, I had to produce parts for practice and later for production in our training workshop. From filing to lathing at our lathing machine, I have gone through all these steps. Especially the long filing often was physically exhausting but the result was always worth it.

How does your training continue?

Since January, I work in the design department, my actual workplace. My tasks are making changes to construction parts in CAD, designing new parts and prepare drawings for them.

What are you working on at the moment?

I have just started my first own project. Mister Wagner, the head of Technical Documentation, has asked my do design a complete product line, which three of our machines are part of. I can design every part by myself and put them together the way he wants it. The finished product will be shown to clients so they have a better impression of how are machines are integrated in a production line.

But the best part of every project is to see the completed machines or product parts and knowing that you was part of the whole process.

You still have 2,5 years of training ahead of you. Any plans for the time after?

My first goal is to complete my apprenticeship with ambition and fun, so that I will be employed by Mahlo after my training.

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