High-end straightening and process control system


Orthopac XRVMC-12 - The upper end of weft straightening technology Two scanning systems and independently controllable straightening rollers addressing the processing of high-value textiles with widely fluctuating distortions

Precision straightening machine

Control and regulate at the same time: The Orthopac XRVMC is the first straightening system worldwide to offer this unique combination. This completely new concept was developed for processing high-value textiles with the greatest distortion dynamics.

The independently controllable straightening rollers guarantee the greatest possible control of the straightening process and easily hold even the tightest residual skew tolerances.

Product highlights

  • Smart feed-forward control concept
  • Minimum possible product content
  • Combination of control and actuation

Customer benefits

  • Maintains the tightest distortion-related tolerances
  • Helps avoid complaints
  • Improves customer relationships

A new paradigma in mechanical weft straightening

The Orthopac XRVMC straightener in its basic configuration features three individually driven „dual-function straightening rollers”. These are cambered rollers mounted in a pivoted frame, which enables them to function as both a bow and skew straightener.

Additional dual-function straightening rollers for special applications are available as an option. correction of bow and skew can be accomplished in small increments. This arrangement allows a very fine adjustment of the straightening rollers.

Since parallel rollers are no longer needed, the assembly’s physical dimensions have been reduced considerably. Owing to its compact size, the required amount of cloth passing through the assembly has been reduced by more than thirty percent. Along with the stepless, hydraulic actuators which adjust the position of the dual-function straightening rollers, this has resulted in an ultra-precise and fast response to measured distortions.

Detecting weft distortion at the outlet and the inlet

The separation and individual positioning of the respective straightening rollers has brought about an entirely new kind of actuation concept. A scanner assembly (TK12 or hybrid) located at the inlet of the straightening machine detects variations in distortion even before they reach the correcting rollers. Via the processing electronics, the two initial dual-function straightening rollers run to a computed position immediately after the change in distortion occurs. The incoming distortion is thus realigned from the very first centimetre of product.

A scanner assembly (TK12 or hybrid) located at the outlet of the straightener detects any possible residual distortion in the product, and this is corrected with absolute reliability by the last dual straightening roller.

Area of application

Manufacturers of high-value textiles for both traditional sectors (clothing, domestic and automotive textiles) and new technical applications are most enthusiastic about the performance of and straightening results attainable by the Orthopac XRVMC straightening concept.



Orthopac XRVMC-12