Saving costs - conserving resources!


The most valuable energy is the on that is not used!

If you want to lower costs by optimising profitability and adding value, there is a simple way to reach this objective: by saving energy. Mahlo supports you with optimised process control.

The experience of statistics agencies and other institutions shows that energy saving and thereby cost reduction potentials are frequently untapped. This tendency is prevalent in all sectors of the industry.


The textile industry is no different and is even especially affected. Many measures revealing the potentials or even already allowing their implementation require only minor investments in relationship to the savings achieved and require rather little effort.

The energy efficiency of the production plants can be drastically increased through suitable measuring and control technology. This means, at the same time, increased productivity with usually improved reproducible quality, optimised raw materials usage and work effort accompanied by clearly improved plant utilisation.

Quite some capital can meanwhile be generated by saving energy – Mahlo is ready to help you achieve this goal!

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